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Welcome to EO Alliance, where we specialize in unlocking government grants for your home heating needs. Let us guide you through a simplified, user-friendly process to secure the financial support you deserve, ensuring a warmer, more comfortable living space for you and your loved ones

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“Extremely Professional

Extremely professional and efficient throughout the whole process, from quote to installation. Also installed Hive technology along with the boiler which we are very happy with. Couldn’t recommend EO Alliance highly enough.

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Ryan Lloyd
“Highly Recommend

My experience from start to finish has been spot on. I got my approved in no time at all, the installer was extremely professional and was all done on time. I would highly recommend EO Alliance. Keep up the great work.

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Jonathan Cockburn
“They’re amazing plumbers”

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What Our Clients Say - Plumbing X Webflow Template
Sophie Moore
San Diego, CA
“The best plumbers I've ever met”

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What Our Clients Say - Plumbing X Webflow Template
Mike Warren
Oakland, CA

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